“An exquisitely told and illustrated tale of a Himalayan land without rain, of frightened farmers, and of courageous girls who go into the forest seeking an answer from the tiger they believe has stopped the rain out of anger. As Anjali learns, ‘We all live under the same sky.’ The combination of gorgeous watercolors, a forest adventure, and the notion that children can act to make life better, creates a vibrant emotional message that welcomes multiple readings.”

~ Riki Moss, sculptor

“It’s not that others haven’t tried to deliver the message of our impact on the Earth we live on and the other beings we share it with – many have done so. Some beautifully. What sets this book apart is the magical blend of earthiness and innocence. Two young girls step, open and unafraid, into the forest, and ask for the information they need. Greater still, they are willing to accept the answer. I was taken along with them, opening as they did, and feeling the truth in a new way. This story is a gift for all ages.”

~Tanya Sousa, author of The Starling God


“A beautifully illustrated book about environmental stewardship that strikes a perfect tone for young readers.”

— Chris Case, illustrator of Jacob’s New Dress, writer and illustrator for Sophie and the Next-Door Monsters


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